Thursday, May 16, 2024

Blobs/Block Weights on GripBoard

Hex Head

Half 110 - $120
Half 90 - $100
Half 85 - $90


Half 45 - $75 shipped
Half 55 - $80 shipped
Half 60 - $85 shipped
Half 65 - $90 shipped
Half 75 - $110 shipped

Prices seem high, but are fair.  Platinumt85 actually knocked $10 off the listed price after a couple of days and you have to figure $10 shipping.

I have a half 50 that is perfect for me.  Half 55 would be a goal and Half 45 might be suitable for cleans or hand to hand transfers.  A "full" set for my strength and aspirations is probably 40-45-50-55-60 and at $2.50/lb, we are talking about $250 to fill out my set.  I could get the 45-55-60 from Platinumt85 for $210, maybe a little less and probably not use them anymore than my current 50 that I dusted off.

I would still prefer other grip toys over blobs.  I want to get a 19 mm crimp and a Roussin twister from Nemesis Grip.  Even an 100ish pound inch replica for $300 would be preferred to a full blob set.

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