Monday, May 13, 2024

Jujimufu Home Gym Cross Country Trip

I started watching Jujimufu's home gym tours after James Fuller was featured.  I have connected with James and strongman_archeology in the past as he has competed in USAWA and is a pretty impressive athlete.  Aside from getting me excited about learning to bent press, his gym is really old school without a lot of bells and whistles.  Just everything you need including a lot of obscure items for health & fitness.  The theme of his gym was technical skill and movement in a range of motion that is not appreciated in today's lifestyle.

My next stop was Pat McNamara's home gym and it was quite the contrast.  Certainly it followed the theme of an outdoor, gritty, hard nosed environment.  His theme was working in the transverse plane.  One key difference I noticed was the modern and unique equipment that I had not heard of:

CinderFit Blocks - 15, 25, 35, 45, 55 lb - $1000
BAMF Hammers - 5-15kg online (all sold out), Pat Mac had some heavier ones

He also had normal stuff like bar/plates, Concept 2 SkiErg, Sorinex off grid rack, bands and center of mass bells.

I considered adding CinderFit blocks to my arsenal until I saw the price point.  $150 for a 15 pound block seems ridiculous, but there is a lot of welding involved in making these.  I do agree that the solution is ideal when combined with bands the bench.  If I were just looking for weight, I could get a cinder block from home depot that weights around 38 pounds and costs $3.

I am even more excited now to watch the sequence with Central Park Joe.

I am still amazed that Juji has 1.44M subscribers.  He is certainly an amazing athlete and has a very friendly, supportive online persona.  I have never met the man, but that is hard to fake.  A quick google search indicates youtube earnings of around $100K per year which is definitely well earning.  Combined with partnerships and what not, I would think he has a sustainable business bringing in better than $250K/year.

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