Thursday, May 9, 2024

3" x 4" Saxon Bar

After extensive debate and hem hawing, I finally decided to order the Sorinex Saxon bar with raw finish.  My debate was (a) I do not need this bar (b) it is bulky and hard to store and (c) it is expensive when you figure in shipping.

I had competed on the Saxon bar at Rolling Hills and it will be contested for the Armlifting USA Super Series.  The Elite Grip Society online challenge is what put me over the edge.  Unfortunately the lead time is currently reported as 8-10 weeks, but hopefully it will be faster.

I considered the Arm Assassin and Sorinex models.  I opted for Sorinex for two reasons (1) strong name brand and potentially better resale (2) raw finish which should season well.

List price is $204, but I found a discount code for 5% off.  Shipping was another $65 and tax $20 which put me at $275 to my door.

The bar arrived at my door in perfect shape despite the suspect packaging.  Basically heavy fabric (almost like moving blanket wrapped around the bar with heavy cardboard tube to protect the ends and it was all shrink wrapped.  The bar looks great and I am looking forward to getting it seasoned.

Day 1 (5/14/2024) - Worked up to 95 pounds.


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