Friday, May 3, 2024

Magnetic Resistance Sled

Stacy Reed in Aurora listed this a couple of days with the following description "I have an almost brand new TANK M4 Sled that is ideal for you fitness junkies. It comes with a Strap\Harness Tow Kit. The price is absolutely negotiable. It sells on the website for the upwards of over $1,400⁰⁰, but I'm not asking for anything like that. I didn't pay a whole lot so I'm not asking for a whole lot. I'm more than willing to accept your offers. Hope to get this baby sold a lot sooner than later."

I decided to take a flyer and said I was interested and how much she wanted.  The response was make an offer.  I replied $150-$250 based on condition.  Apparently it was acquired as part of a storage unit clean out and they had no use for it.  After some logistical back and forth, I ended up driving out to take a look.  It was certainly in better shape than the pictures let on and the magnetic resistance was on point.  I ended up paying top of range at $250.

I completely forgot to ask about the accessories, but still a very good deal.  The piece itself is a beast.  Fortunately Tony (the seller) was able to find the right Allen key to remove the arms and help me load it.  I am looking forward to giving it a whirl, but will have to do some reorganizing to make it work.

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