Saturday, May 18, 2024

Concept2 Bike Erg

Mike Zee listed a bike erg right by the house for $920.  Since Nisha was home and I could check the saddle height, I went ahead and decided to take a look.  The adjustment was sufficient for her and hopefully goes low enough for Ratna as well.

LogBook Summary
Meters:  2,342,437
Time:  96:16:14
Number of Workouts:  468 (going back to 2019)

The desk attachment is actually pretty cool.  It is a product called Wally Board and comes in Black, Natural, Walnut and Raw Wood.  The stained ones are $180 and the raw wood is $160.  

The Venzo K1304 pedals are flip flop and will work with Shimano SPD cleats (mountain bike) if I were interested.

He was willing to take $900 cash which was fair as far as I am concerned.  Aside from the random $800 listing, most are listing around $975 and the last one sold for $940.  This saves a few bucks ($1100 +$60 shipping + $60 tax = $1,220 to the door retail) and was very close to the house.  

The desk is worth another $50 easily and I am not remotely concerned with getting my money back or worst case selling for $800.

My wife did not think the saddle was very comfortable.  A new one can be attached without much issue.  The problem will be finding one that she likes.

Other accessories could include:
T27 6-Lobe Driver - $2.50
Toe Clips - $5.50
Right Pedal - $13.80
Left Pedal - $13.80
Banner - $30.00

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