Monday, November 27, 2023

USAWA Certified Official Process

USAWA officials can be certified at two levels:

Level 1 - Rules test and (3) practical training sessions (2 can be video training sessions)
Level 1 - Officiating in 25 or more competitions
Level 2 - Rules test, (3) practical training sessions and officiating in 25 or more competitions

Level 1 certification is good for (3) years and then requires recertification by retaking the rules test
Level 2 certification is good for life

Practical Sessions are unofficial alongside a Level 2 in a one official system or officially in the three official system.  In the three official system the other two must be certified and one must be Level 2.  The only Level 2 officials that are occasionally in Colorado are RJ Jackson and Dave DeForest.  In all likelihood, I will travel to Clark's Gym, Dino Gym or KC Strongman to complete my certification.

Video Training Sessions are a new option that was introduced in 2023.  

For me, being a certified official will be a nice feature and will allow me to host meets and officiate Postal events and Hybrid events in Colorado.

My Journey

7/6/2023 - Completed Rules Test
9/29/2023 - Completed Practical Session 1 (Video Testing Option)
11/26/2023 - Submitted Practical Session 2 (Video Testing Option)
TBD - Practical Session 3

I will then need to submit a form to the USAWA Officials Director and begin tracking officiating sessions in order to move up to Level 2.

Given my current participation, it would have been a long journey to be certified with (3) live practical training sessions that would require travel to at least (3) competitions with Level 2 officials present.

Al's Dino Gym is the closest USAWA gym to me.  475 mile drive (6.5ish hours).  Drive out night before, stay in Abilene, KS.  Compete/officiate.  Drive halfway home to Goodland, KS.  Drive the rest of the way home.  Much easier than Columbia, MO.

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