Thursday, November 9, 2023

Facebook Marketplace Grippers

Just when I order the Captains of Crush (COC) 0.5, I find a set of (4) grippers listed in Boulder.  Fortunately, I contacted the seller quickly and hope to pick these up on Friday.

I only recognized them as (COC) because of the shape and she thoughtfully marked them as pending after our exchange.

COC 0.5

While I already have a Trainer, I have no problem having a spare to keep or give to a friend.  The COC 0.5 will be a nice addition and I will return my Amazon purchased COC 0.5

The IMTUG (IronMind Two-Finger Utility Grippers) are an interesting story.  They are held differently and closed with either the thumb, ring/pinkie or index/middle combinations.  The difficulty range is from IMTUG1-7 and is cross referenced to the COC.  The 2 and 3 are perfect for me as I fall into the COC Sport/Trainer camp.

COC Guide/Sport - IMTUG 1/2
COC Trainer/0.5/1 - IMTUG 2/3/4
COC 1/1/5/2 - IMTUG 3/4/5
COC 2/2.5/3 - IMTUG 4/5/6
COC 3/3/5/4 - IMTUG 5/6/7

In regards to price, IMTUG (~$30) sell at a premium to the COC (~$26).  

If I purchase others in the future, it might be the Guide as a warm up gripper, but hopefully I can work towards closing a COC 1.

The seller also included a Grip Pro Trainer donut with the sale.  It was the 40 pound (black) version that retails for $15 on Amazon.  They are also sold in 30 pound (green) and 50 pound (red) versions.

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