Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales are coming on fast and furious and Rogue Fitness has certainly stepped up with some great deals.  Ivanko has some new old stock in their clearance section.  Vulcan has moderate discounts.

Rogue C-68S - 25mm shorty bar that is rackable and has 51.5" collar spacing for snatches.  $195 vs regular price of $280.

I am also seeing great stuff on Vintage Weightlifting Swap including International CANADA change plates (single 5 for $25 and a pair for $60) and Universal 35 pound plates.  The Universal plates are amazing, but I do not need more weight and do not even like 35 pound plates.  It would get me that much closer to finishing a Universal set and $150 shipped is a screaming deal.

Fortunately, I want for nothing.  My "would like to have" list has whittled down to Fatbells/CMB ($200), Magnetic Resistance Sled ($800), Bike Erg ($1000) and a Spartan/DEKA ram ($200)

Even from a Vintage perspective, I have been doing as much selling as buying.

I will likely buy some grip implements when King Kong 2024 is announced ($200?).

I will likely buy a 42# weight over bar along with a D Handle for the 2024 Highland Games Season ($200).

I would like to expand my USAWA equipment and have considered a Heavy Lift Bar ($140) and Hand & Thigh Bar ($70) from Arm Assassin Strength Shop.  I have also considered Spud Inc Neck Harness ($52.99) and Hip Harness ($100).  They have a $10 off coupon right now "10BUCKS" at checkout.  I really should focus on Official Certification.  It seems like all of the implements kind of go hand in hand.  The Heavy Lift Bar is the baseline and then you need all of the attachment and you are still only contesting one lift at a time.

Luke Raymond offering 5% off with code "The Grip Show" at Arm Assassin.

Cerberus is offering 25% off everything and I was tempted to get some Dinnie Stone Training handles for $150 (instead of the normal $200).  

Unfortunately I found ScrapMastersWelding and prefer their design even if I would have to pay full freight at $200.  Nice thing is that I will have two additional loading pins for general grip training.

Abmat has a 15% off offer going from now until November 23rd (BFCM23Z4SSVTBW)

It is kind of nice that my season is winding down.  I am looking forward to the Lakewood Powerlifting meet.

2024 Tentative:
  • CrossFit Open - February/March
  • GGC Spring - Early May
  • GGC Fall - Late October/Early November
  • Highland Games - Leprechaun Games (March), Pikes Peak (June), Elizabeth (July), Colorado Scottish Festival (August), Thornton Celtic Fest (August)
  • Thor Strength 
  • Rocky Mountain Grip Sport - June (announce in April)
  • Armlifting Super Series
  • King Kong - October
  • USAWA - Postals, Hybrid Events, National Championship in June, Abilene,KS event? Albany, KY event?
  • Triathlon - Littlefoot in September
  • Archery
  • 08.03 Denver Rugged Maniac Race
  • Deka.Fit, Deka.Strong, Deka.Mile

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