Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Rogue Calibrated Powerlifting Discs

I could not hold out any longer and had to pick up the calibrated steel plates.  The plates were pristine and Jacob Petersen was a pleasure to do business with.  

Turns out he is a competitive strongman and his home gym reflects that.  In addition to the power rack and a plethora of bars (at least 15, including fubar and other large diameter bars, safety squat bar, bandbell bar), he had 4 different logs, loadable hussafell stone, loadable keg, circus dumbbells, yoke, tank style sled, strongman sandbags, farmers carry handles and a bunch of weight.  Everything was from either Rogue or Mike Bartos' Power Center and there was no evidence of cutting corners or going on the cheap.

He even ordered the customized Rogue bumpers and due to a misspelling my Rogue, he is getting a second set for free.  Fortunately the misspelled set is going to a friend of his who is starting a home gym.

I was like a kid in a candy store asking about grip implements, log size, were the DC blocks worth it?  He did recommend waiting for the next generation of DC blocks.  He even let me try picking up the Husafell stone, which I could break off the ground, but not stand up.  It weighs 145 pounds empty and was loaded to over 200 when I attempted to pick it up.  This had to be a $25K gym that any athlete would be proud to train in.

He was kind enough to invite me to train on Strongman Saturday and I will certainly keep his number handy.

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