Thursday, July 21, 2022

Vintage Weightlifting Swap

I follow a few sites on Facebook including Vintage Weightlifting Swap, Vintage York Barbell Owners and Vintage Weights & Physical Culture.

As I am uneven on my weights at home, I decided to offer some items for swap on Vintage Weightlifting Swap.

The items certainly had positive comments.  I listed for sale or trade.

Joshua Kost - interested in 5's.  typically worth $2-3/lb; 35's go for $1-$1.50/lb in his area

Derek Zielinski - interested in 5's.  had a bunch of round heads 4-4-6-6-7-7-7-8-8-9-70-70-75-75

Marc Wagner Salvage - interested in 5's at $3/lb

Antonio Rodriguez - seen 20-20-30-30-40-40 recently; willing to buy from Play it Again Sports and ship to me (Large Flat Rate Box = $21.50 each and would need two).  Very thoughtful.

Cholo Herrero - has a pair of 30s if I am interested.  He also had a single 25 (USA stamped) and a single 40 that I was interested in and we struck a dealer.  I pay to ship my 35s which will be $43 and he will pay to ship his dumbbells.  My net is $62.50 + $43 = $105.50 for 65# of DB or $1.62/pound.  It is high side, but not terrible.  I have paid $2/pound locally and have also been fortunate to find $0.83/pound locally.  His dumbbells arrived well packaged and as described.

I am under the impression that the 35s will not have any takers, but the 5s are certainly more sought after.  I could expect a pound for pound trade.  For example 5# plates for 5# dumbbells or 35# plates for 35# dumbbells.

I would definitely be willing to straight up swap the 35 pound plates for dumbbells (35, 40, 45).  The problem is flat rate shipping would be $21.50/box for two separate boxes.  I would also swap the 5 pound plates for dumbbells (5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12).

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