Monday, July 25, 2022

Matt Kroc's 'Kroc Row' Back Workout

I recently watched a video by that was impressive for a few reasons.
  1. This guy is a beast - Enough said
  2. He keeps it simple - Deadlift, Kroc Row, Pull-ups, T-bar row, barbell shrugs
  3. Cool vintage weights - York milled plates
I started the video search as a "Kroc" dumbbell handle showed up on Facebook Marketplace (Mikie Kent).  This Titan branded 36" loadable dumbbell handle with 120 pounds of Weider plates and collars is being offered for $90.  Even at 50 cents/pound for the plates, this is a pretty good deal.  The handle itself is usually $70 and minimum cost for the clips is $10.  Retail you are talking $200.

Matt Kroc developed this movement as he was maxing out the dumbbells at his gym that only went to 150 pounds.

Also, while deadlifting, it was a pleasure to see that he did not use a deadlift jack, opting instead to just tip the barbell up and load it.  He also did not bother with clips while deadlifting.

I do not need a loadable dumbbell, but this is pretty slick if one wants to go heavy.  I would be better off doing higher rep sets like Kroc did.

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