Sunday, July 24, 2022

York Roundheads

Yet another find in the wild.  I came across a 12 day old ad on Craigslist by C Todd who had listed 8 pound roundheads.  I e-mailed and they were still available.  I combined a trip to the Thornton Outlets with a 1 hour 20 minute drive to pick these up.  Love them and love the $15 price.  Before I could even complete this post, I found a 15 pound roundhead in the wild, but ended up driving 40 minutes to Aurora to pick it up for $10.

Keeping in touch with the community has also got me a line on some heavier roundheads that I may be able to trade my way into.

York Roundheads

1-1 - one from Benjamin Beaulieu 8/4/2022
2-2 - from Benjamin Beaulieu 8/4/2022
3-3 - one from Benjamin Beaulieu 8/4/2022
4-4 - not interested yet
5-5 - from Benjamin Beaulieu 8/4/2022
6-6 - want, uncommon
7-7 - have (2/4/2022, Craigslist)
8-8 - have (7/23/2022, Craigslist)
9-9 - rare
10-10 - from Benjamin Beaulieu 8/4/2022
12-12 - uncommon, pair changed hands for $125 on 7/28 VWS, 
15-15 - have one (7/24/2022, Facebook Marketplace)
20-20 - have (1/4/2022)
25-25 - have (1/4/2022, Facebook Marketplace, 7/27/2022, VWS)
30-30 - have (6/26/2022, Facebook Marketplace)
35-35 - ?
40-40 - have one (7/27/2022, VWS)
45-45 - ?
50-50 - have one (2/5/2022, Facebook Marketplace)

I am not sure if I am interested in the smalls and as I get above 30, the roundheads are increasingly fragile if dropped.  I will continue to be opportunistic.  I have 285# of roundheads.  I would like another 40 and 50, but may forego the 35s and 45s.  I will get the 5s and the 10s (even if I have to pay Ebay prices).  Considering that dumbbells pop up very infrequently on the front range, I could expect to complete my abbreviated set by next summer.

This has been a lot of fun for me and certainly inspiring the way that early coin collectors must have been when they pencil etched coins and described them in letters or sent them in the mail on trust and let the buyers return what they were not interested in.  There are no price guides, but knowledgeable collectors or flippers know the market value in their area, relative rarity and can grab items from garage sales, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Play It Again Sports, Offerup, salvage yards and even occasionally the side of the road.  Finding a premium plate for under market value is like finding silver coins in your pocket change.  Nobody is getting rich doing it, but it sure is fun.  And who knows, you may even come across a $10,000 coin in your pocket change.

UPDATE:  7/28/2022 - By dumb luck, I happened across a fellow Iron Collectors ad on Ebay.  We worked out a lot of 5-5-3-2-2-1 for $50 and a pair of 10s for $35.  He was willing to take two milled 5s in trade to offset $25 which seems fair as I have heard the going rate is between $2 and $3 per pound.

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