Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Gym Equipment Wish List & Surplus

My wish list has certainly dwindled:


100# sandbag
20# slamball
44# Thompson Fatbells


Build out York Roundhead Set - need (1) 25, (2) 35, (2) 40, (2) 45, (1) 50#
Curate smalls - meaning pick them up if I see them locally
York Deep Dish


30# Rep Rubber Coated - Listed on Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist
70# Standard Plates - Listed on Facebook Marketplace - SOLD 7/6/2022

There are not any exercises/muscle groups that I cannot stimulate with the equipment I have.

I toy with the idea of having a deadlift platform and/or blocks.  

With more space I would get a reverse hyper then GHD.  I am no longer interested in owning a bike erg or ski erg.

I do have some duplicates that I am debating.  I have wooden and soft plyo boxes.

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