Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Love my Gym, But... is starting to get a little crowded.

It will also be very difficult to move.  Since moving to Lakewood, my gym equipment has nearly doubled to include over 1000# of Vintage Olympic plates, Standard plates and Dumbbells.  Further, I have snapped up a storage system, additional bench, martial arts equipment, 45 degree back extension, ab bench, functional fitness equipment, (5) additional pairs of dumbbells, chains, (2) new barbells, a mutt bar, 63" plyo box set, Crossover Symmetry, Rogue Squat Stand, Farmer's Carry Handles and a 265# set of Iron Grip Plates, Calibrated Rogue Plates

My net spend went from $5,565 to $9,916

I have divided my stuff up into a Powerlifting space and a Functional Fitness space and now take up a full garage bay (200 square feet) and a chunk of unfinished storage (150 square feet).

I have conceded that if/when I move, I will only keep my York Vintage equipment (380+189#), the squat stands, Iron Grip plates (265#), Rep Fitness bumpers (280#), Eleiko Change Plates (37.5#), (2) barbells, collars, Rogue Bench, (2) dumbbell pairs (170#), J-Boxes, (2) abmats, Pull-up Bar, Chains, Steel Mace, Squat box, Rogue Home Timer, and decorations.  That still represents over 1300# of weight and may need to be thinned out further.

My goal is a powerlifting space and mini-museum that fits in 100 square feet (back to basics).

The basics will be thinned out and I will likely opt for professional flooring in the new gym.  I would not be selling much, about 250# of Olympic Iron, 5# of Fractional Plates, 30# of bumpers, 10# technique plates and all of the standard iron and the curl barbell.  I would sell the extra bench and barbells.  But will probably keep the gymnastics mat.

The new space will dictate whether or not I keep a rower.

The functional fitness will be thinned to a couple of abmats, jump ropes, light wall ball and pull-up bar.  The kettlebells, parallettes, jump boxes, rings, rope, wall balls, weighted vest and slam ball will have to go.

The strongman items will be sold.

I will sell the battle rope, but keep the steel mace and Bulgarian bag.

I will sell the Ab Bench, 45 degree hyper, Mutt bar, Silencer Pads.

The storage will be minimized.

This downsizing may unfold over the next couple of years, but I am fairly static for now.  I wanted a Texas Power Bar, but would have to sell my Beater and Strongarm first.  I will fill out the set of Crossover Symmetry bands if I can find a sale (retail is $90).  I will get some DC Blocks on the secondary market for $300.

There is not even much room for upgrade:

Basics - Professional flooring (??), Romwod mat ($120), Powerlift adjustable bench ($300-$400), Texas Power Bar ($300), Vintage 45# plates (??), finish out York roundhead set (??)

Cardio - Echo Bike ($750), Trueform Runner ($2000), Ski Erg ($800)

Crossfit - NA

Strongman - Log, Husafell stone, Keg, Circus Dumbbell ($1500)

Misc - GHD ($500), Reverse Hyper ($500), DC Blocks ($300), Decorations (??), finish out Crossover Symmetry band set ($135), Thompson Fatbells ($200+) 

Grip Implements - FBBC, Ironmind, loading pin, etc.

Hard to believe that when pressed, I could still come up with $13K in additional equipment.

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