Friday, July 8, 2022

Farmer's Carry Handles

Farmer's Carry Handles - $180 with collars listed on Facebook Marketplace.  This is a pretty good deal.  The Farmer's Carry Handles currently retail for $205 and the collars are $45/pair.  When you tack on tax and shipping you are looking at the neighborhood of $340.

There are set of Titan Fitness ones listed for $100 (no collars) on Facebook

Generic with screw collars for $80 on Craigslist.

Generic in Boulder for $150 on Facebook (no collars)

Simpsons Fitness with screw lock collars for $115

UPDATE:  7/10/2022 - I picked these up yesterday for $130.  I felt like that was a great deal as they currently retail for $205 and the collars are $60/pair.  Total Retail is $325 and tax and shipping puts me at $385.  This represents 40 cents on the dollar.

Was listed for $180, I offered $120 and he met me at $130.

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