Friday, July 29, 2022

Power Lift Weight Benches

From Facebook Ad $400

From Facebook Ad, $300, went to $250

Bench without rips, originally wanted $450, dropped to $350 quickly

Being offered by Young Kim in Greeley, listed 7/22/2022.

I would certainly love to have a Power Lift bench, but have to admit that this would be a heavy piece that would not see a lot of action.  If it was for $200 and a 30 minute drive, I would grab it.

From Power Lift, they are $500 and $650 respectively, but shipping would be an additional cost, probably around $300.  Needless to say $350 is a great deal for the bench with nice upholstery that I may inquire about in the future.  

The only other bench I have ever seen local was $100, but I never heard back from the seller.  I assume it sold quickly.

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