Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Powerlift USA - Used Equipment

Powerlift USA finally has some interesting used items available for purchase.  Of course shipping would be at least an additional $100.  It makes me appreciate that commercial grade equipment is not made available very often.  I was surprised that the Glute Ham is going for $500.  I feel a little better about selling my for $400.

I will not be purchasing either bench, but I would prefer a multi angle dumbbell bench in the $250 price range.

"Lever Action" Bench - Pre PBEN-10 $450 (4 available 11/11)

Candice Walls listed one of these for $100 in August 2021 in Denver,
but it was gone before I could respond.

Multi Angle Dumbbell Bench $400 (originally 5 available; sold out)

Fixed Pad Glute Ham Bench $500 (5 available 11/11; 4 available 11/12)

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