Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Clean Complex - Metcon

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

CFG - Lacey

1200 - 13 of us

Crossover Symmetry
Foam Roll
Wrist Mobility

Warm Up

1 min burpees

2 rounds
mountain climbers
pass through
kang squat
side lying windmill
cat cow

barbell warm up


Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
2 Clean Lift-Offs + Power Clean 

Build over the course of the 10 sets to something heavy. A Clean Lift-Off is the first portion of the clean, from the ground to the knees. Keep your torso angle consistent through all phases of this lift-off, and pause 2-seconds at the knees each lift-off. After your second lift-off, reset and perform a power clean.

I worked up from 95-105-115-125-130 / 135-140-145-145-145 and felt pretty good about all of the reps.


Strict Press (2 reps )
*Build to a heavy double by the last set 


For time:
50/40 Calories of Rowing
25 Ground to Overhead (135/95 lbs)

I managed the 50 calorie row in 3:52 and scaled to 40 alternating dumbbell snatch at 50#.  I finished the metcon in 9:06 and was very pleased not to grab my 40# bailout dumbbell.


3x8x90# Reverse Hyperextensions

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