Friday, November 19, 2021

42 Inch Rotating Shelf for Mass Storage System

As appears to be the theme this month, this bad boy came on sale for $94.97 (down from $99.99).  It is not much of a savings, but every 5% adds up.  The beauty of Titan is that they offer free shipping.

I was surprised that a similar shelf from Rep Fitness was only $89.99 with free shipping.  (Not adjustable)

The Rogue equivalent was $85 plus $19 for shipping.  (Not adjustable)

Accessories are certainly cheaper than I remember.  I do like the rotating feature of this guy and it will certainly make the dumbbells easier to grab.


This arrived 11/25/2021 well packaged and was not horrible to install.  I did have to loosen everything, get the shelf position and then put everything back together, but it turned out great.

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