Monday, November 15, 2021

35# Dumbbell Pair

These have been on my wish list for quite some time, but I rarely use dumbbells when training at home.

They were $86 at Rep Fitness, but now with Rep's new model, they are $139.99 but free shipping.

Rogue is having a sale on unbranded dumbbells.  at $1/pound, so the set would be $70 + $45 shipping.

I saw a set on Facebook Marketplace for $65 and that is a pretty good deal for lightly used dumbbells.  I still prefer the straight handle, but can live with a curved handle at this price.  Being offered by Sean in Arvada who also happens to be selling a Rage 71 lb Kettlebell.

Most everything in the secondary market is between $1 per pound and $1.50 per  pound, so these are a decent deal.  I paid $1.20 per pound for my 50# pair and $0.75 per pound for my 27.5# pair.  

The 35# dumbbells bridge the gap, but honestly I would just use my 27.5# pair anytime I need to go lighter than 50#.

I bought these dumbbells and they are in great condition.  They appear to be unbranded Rogue Poly Hex Dumbbells (steel wrapped in PVC/vinyl overmolded injection).

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