Monday, November 29, 2021

Crossover Symmetry

For the past few months, I have been warming up with the Crossover Symmetry activation protocol.  Crossfit Golden has several commercial set-ups with 5 pairs of bands and anchors.

Shoulder packages are either (2) pairs of bands (novice, athletic, elite) for $195 or the pro package with (5) pairs of bands for $295 for all athletes and abilities.

I started off using the Novice, 3 and 10# bands and have recently graduated to the Athletic, 7 and 15# bands.  Athletic is the baseline for most adults and high school students.  The Elite package for college and pro athletes includes 10 and 25# bands.

The kits also include anchors, door belts or rack straps.  I would go with anchors.

Finally they throw in a training guide, exercise chart and drawstring backpack.

They typically have 25% off sales for Black Friday, the Crossfit Open and other times of year making the $195 package $150 and the $295 package $225.  Individual cords could be purchased separately for $45.

I have not seen these in the secondary market.  That usually indicates they are used often by owners.

I was originally interested in the Novice package, but now I would just get the Pro Package.  In theory an extra $75 is not bad for 3 pairs of bands that my wife or kids could use.

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