Friday, November 19, 2021

Liberal, KS Gym Closing Liquidation

This is  an interesting one that I am posting primarily for an benchmark for liquidation costs.

Kettlebells/dumbbells - $1/lb
Barbells - $120 for 45 lb and $100 for 35 lb
GHD - $320 (really good deal)
Rowers - $500 (really good deal)
Sleds - $120
Foam Box - $55
Wood Plyo Box - $65
Jerk Blocks - $350
Weightlifting plates - $2/lb
Bumper Plates - $1.50/lb
Assault Air Bike - $350
Ski Erg - $450

They had a variety of other items as well including the self standing and wall mount rigs, mediciane balls, change plates, mats, couch, air mover, bands, floor scrubber, gymnastics rings and climbing ropes.

It is a good thing that it is a 6 hour drive, or I would be playing a Tetris game of where to store all of this stuff.

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