Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Mark Bell Compression Cuffs

Mark Bell is having an outlet sale and as usual, I cannot help myself from picking stuff up.

This time it was Compression Cuffs.

I have been using elbow sleeves when doing push presses, but would like to give these a shot.  Regular price was $16 each.  On sale for $6 each so I picked up (2) and paid the $5 flat rate shipping.

I measured the top of my elbow at 12.5" and the suggested size is 12"

UPDATE:  These arrived and are OK.  I should have sized down to 11" as they do not offer as much support as I expected.  If I wanted to order some 11" ones, the cost is now $12 each (only $4 off) and I would still be on the hook for shipping.  Interestingly after reading the comments, there were several that indicated the sizing was on the high side.  If nothing else, these do provide some knee support and could provide bicep support.

UPDATE:  I bought (1) 11" cuff from Ebay and it was still too loose to provide any support.  Not a good purchase, that I would not repeat.

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