Monday, November 8, 2021

Hammer Strength Adjustable Bench

I came across a Hammer Strength HD Elite Multi-Adjustable Bench.  These bad boys retail for over $1000 and even refurbished are pushing over $800.

This particularly one is made available by Miguel along with a Nautilus flat bench for $250.

The headrest is beat up and I will just put some duct tape down rather than having it re-upholstered.  It weighs in at a beefy 124 pounds and would make a nice addition to a commercial gym. 

It is way to much bench for me, but I still had to inquire.

Miguel wants $180 for just the adjustable or $250 for both.  I could probably sell the Nautilus for $70+, but that is quite the pain in the ass.

I looked into Re-upholstery and Rico quoted $125 plus vinyl starting at $37/yard.  I also have requested information from Advantage Mobile Upholstery.  Advantage was $140 for the incline bench ($63/incline and $77/bench) + $40 Fuel and Service Charge + 2.33 yards of material at $33/yard for a grand total of $262.75.  Certainly a fair price for a commercial facility and I certainly would not mind customizing my gym if I had a complete set up, but fairly pricey for a home gym.

UPDATE:  11-12-2021.  These benches sold within a couple of days.  A good deal for somebody who will use them more than I will.

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