Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Home Gym Essentials

Tier 1 - Basics

Flooring - Runs the gamut from stall mats ~ $2/square foot on up.  It is worth spending money here.  (I am in for $400 for 6 abmats and a gymnastics mat)

Barbell and Plates - General Purpose 45# bar (buy a nice one) and 45, 25, 10, 5 and 2.5# plates.  Get as many 45's as you can deadlift (I have 3 bars and 2 sets of collars $525, I have about $1000 worth of plates total weight just over 500 lbs)

Rack and Bench - This can be pretty simple.  No reason to splurge here (I have a folding rack, yoke and 2 benches at about $1000)

Tier 2 - Conditioning

Dumbbells - not for everybody, I rarely use mine (3 pairs at $250)

Cardio Equipment - rower, treadmill, bike, ski erg; get at least one unless you always run outside (I got a rower for $1000)

Timer - A lot of folks use there phone or a wall clock, but this is a nice to have item (Rogue, $150)

Tier 3 - Sport Specific and Accessory Items

Crossfit stuff like plyo boxes, kettlebells, jump ropes, ab mats, parallettes, gymnastics rings, climbing rope, slam ball, wall ball, weighted vest, pull-up bar; It is easy to get carried away here as these are small, relatively inexpensive items that begin to take up a lot of room (I am up to $800 here)

Strongman stuff like stones, sandbag, axle bar; cheap ($225)

Martial arts stuff like heavy bag, Bulgarian bag, steel mace, Indian clubs; not for everyone ($140)

Mobility stuff like bands, Crossover Symmetry, foam roller, pvc pipe; cheap and for everyone ($60)

Posterior Chain - GHD, Hip Extension, Reverse Hyper; these are large footprint items and only really necessary for powerlifters and competitive crossfitters ($180)

Final Additions 

These things make a gym comfortable and fun to work out in

Storage - Mass storage system, wall storage; This is unfortunately quite expensive for what it is, but it does optimize space and make it safe to work out. ($270)

Decorations - Favorite posters and banners, white board, PR board; The $100 you spend here will mean a lot more than $100 spent anywhere else in the gym

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