Monday, April 12, 2021

Hip Extension / Roman Chair

After beating myself up for not grabbing the free hip extension in time, I came across another listing for a hip extension being offered for $40 in Arvada.  I messaged the seller and picked it up last night.

It is a cheap lightweight hip extension manufactured by Legacy International, Mahwah, NJ and I cannot find any other details.  They appear to have been in business from 1996-2000 and have a few trademarks including "Body Under Construction" and "The First Name in Fitness"

I was looking for a posterior chain development tool and this fits the bill.  It is stable enough for me to do sit-ups on as well.  If I use it regularly enough, I would consider upgrading, but if it sits idle most of the time, I will probably resell it or give it away down the road.

Purchased from Joey (Facebook Marketplace).  This guy had a pretty kick ass powerlifting gym set up.  With Rogue Bumper Plates, Ivanko deep dish plates.  Dedicated bench press area and a nice hack squat machine.

Looking at the picture, it is the exact same one that was offered for free and the Joey just flipped it for a quick $40.

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