Thursday, May 11, 2017

End of an Era

My CrossFit journey has been on a hiatus due to a new job opportunity that kicked off with 5 straight weeks of training (yes including Saturday and Sunday), consisting of 12 hours days except for a few office days and an hour to hour and a half drive to and from location.

I did a lot of awkward object carries (chixsans, 4" iron, 3" iron, plywood boards, etc).  I also spent a lot of time tightening and loosening wing nuts with an 8 pound hammer.

Despite all of this, I still felt my hard earned fitness slipping away.  The training period has come to an end and I will be starting a schedule with 14 days of work and 14 days off.  I will be challenged to make the world my box and get into a rhythm again.

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