Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Yoga Sequence

I have been attending yoga for a little over 9 months and am finally getting used to the routine at the beginners class.

We typically awaken our breath in child's pose or another pose.  Something relatively light like cat-cows.

Then we go into Sun A, which typically includes Warrior 2, extended side angle, reverse side angle.  This is when we introduce chataranga with plank, upward facing dog and downward facing dog.

Next we move into core work which includes sit ups with knees butterfly flared out and bicycle crunches.

Then we go into twists like prayer twist.

From there we go into balance poses like eagle pose, staff, dancer's pose.  We typically include wide legged folds now.

We transition to pigeon poses and then with twisting right leg over torso and then left leg over torso before going into corpse pose to close the practice.

Advanced classes often includes inversions and increased difficulty of the above poses.

I have only attended sculpt once and have yet to try hot yoga.

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