Monday, May 16, 2016

Rings Hanger

As I continue the journey of outfitting 1 bay of the garage to train in when my wife is out of town and to supplement my training at CrossFit boxes and 24 Hour Fitness, I decided my next purchase would be a set of gymnastics rings.

Before I purchased them, I wanted to make sure I could hang them.  As I typically do, I scoured the internet and the best advice came from the Constantly Varied blog.  I followed his advice pretty much exactly.  Ken suggested I go across 3 beam, Soloman and Sonu suggested fender washers,  Sonu went as far as suggesting cutting into the drywall and securing a beam on the opposite side of the stud, rather than using lag bolts.  This was a bit too involved for me.

I needed some tools and bought a Dewalt Circular Saw, Stud Finder, 3/8" drill bit and an adjustable wrench.  I consider that a $180 investment as they are typically home duty tools.  I already had the other tools for the project including drill, socket set and hole cutter.  Unfortunately, I dropped my 1/2" quarter drive socket in the garage and may need to replace it.  If I can't find it a replacement would be $3.50 at Sears.

The material was pretty cheap and added up to $25 all said and done.  A Rogue Fitness Ring Hanger would have been $65 (not including shipping) and seems like a less robust solution.  I feel like my set up is more flexible.  Material included the 2x6, lag bolts, eye bolts, washers and carabiners.

I started by measuring about half a dozen times and then cutting the 2x6 to 40".  My centers were 16" and I wanted 4" extra on each side. Then I verified my centers a couple of times, it was eccentric with one just under and one just over so I marked the side facing the wall versus the other bay.  I drilled holes for the lag bolts and the eye bolts.  I assembled the eye bolts and ran the lag bolts through half way in order to match drill the ceiling.  Once this was done, I partially secured the stud and marked clearance for the eye bolts.  I used the hole cutter to cut a clearance hole in the sheet rock and then started securing the stud to the ceiling using the 1/2" drive socket.  This was trickier than I thought.  I should have considered just drilling clearance holes in the studs rather than screwing through both the stud and the ceiling studs.  I went corner to corner and then worked my way in.  One was really sticking so I backed it out, tightened the other 5 and then tightened the last one.  Lastly the carabiners were clipped in.

At this point, I am pretty confident the set up is secure and will go ahead and get the rings from Rep Fitness ($55 + $3 tax, free shipping).  I was originally planning on Rogue Fitness, but opted against the $72 Rings and $11.39 shipping.

I will likely get stall mats ($100), collars ($10-$50) and change plates ($25) in the next phase.  Depending on use, I will add a 12' rope ($60), plyobox ($140), kettlebell ($75) and med ball ($100).  Final phase would include GHD ($700) and Concept 2 Rower ($900).

I also want to grab a set of REHBAND 7751 KNEE SUPPORT – RX GREEN:  Size Large:  $36.95 each, probably from Dick's Sporting Goods.

 The hangers were rock solid

I jumped up and just did a dip

The kids had to get in on the action

Fun for the whole family

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