Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rope Climbs

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Coach Pat

(9:00 AM) - 5 guys including Tall John and me

Warm Up

Wrist stretches, hip openers (push knee out, sky reach, prayer head), hold plank, to downward dog, to elbow for side plank, hang from pull-up bar, raise and lowers on rope.


1000m Row
10 Rope Climbs
800m Run
8 Rope Climbs
60 GHD or Abmat Sit-ups
6 Rope Climbs
40 Calorie Row, Ski Erg or Bike
4 Rope Climbs
20 Burpees
2 Rope Climbs

34 Minute Time Cap.  I had every intention of doing half rope climbs, but fell short of that as well.  I ended up doing 2 Rope Climbs and 8 raise and lowers, then 2 + 6, then 2 + 4, then 2 + 2.  I finished the burpees right as time was called and did not do the last 2 rope climbs.  I did Abmat sit-ups and Rowed for calories.

Cash out with 50 Reverse Flys (I did 44 of them)

Cool down with plank hold for 2 minutes and then chest openers.

My rope climb comes in at 1:45, I need to work on getting my knees higher.

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