Thursday, April 14, 2016

Personal Training Session

As part of my 24 Hour Fitness membership, I was entitled to 1 free personal training session.  I had the opportunity to work with Mike last night and it was a pretty good session.

TRX - We got started on the TRX which is kind of like suspended rings, but with a center point and the height is adjustable.  We did a routine of:

Squat / Jumping Squat
Single Leg Squat
High Row
Chest Press
Bicep Curl
Hamstring Isolation (bridge and pull feet towards torso)
Core work (in high plank, curl knees towards torso)

We were not able to do the Battle Ropes, but he recommended waves, power slams and Russian twists.

We did some stability work including squats on the bosu, lunges on the bosu, and push-ups on the bosu.  On the stability bal we did planks and mountain climbers.

Finally we went through some shoulder warm-ups including external rotation, scarecrows and kettle bell halos.  He explained that dead hang pull-ups put undue stress on rotator cuff muscles.  He reinforced Rippetoe's explanation of bench press position.

I skipped the circuit he had planned and we wrapped the session up after 45 minutes.  Mike was very knowledgeable and explained things well.  I do not see myself opting for personal training on a regular cadence, but I always enjoy learning new things.

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