Thursday, April 21, 2016


Thursday, April 21, 2016

MBS CrossFit (Coach Ben)

(11:00) Rich, Tom, Ilian, Reva, Steve, several girls and me (10 total)

Warm Up

400m run with 10 walking lunges,

Lots of drills, (1) skipping forward forward arm circles, (2) skipping backwards backards arm circles, (3) over the fence backwards, (4) over the fence forwards, (5) shuffling swinging arms, (6) shuffling karate chops, (7) high knees, (8) butt kicks, (9) side to side lunge then shuffle, several others

Stationary drills, (1)bend at hips, back straight reach forward, center, back, (2) runners stretch, (3) deep squat, several others


Flat back, bar close to body, activate hips at top, back down the same way.  I partnered up with Ilian

3@255# PR!
3@275# PR!
1@295# PR!
1@315# (failed lift)
1@315# PR!


6 sets on 1 minute interval of 3 Deadlifts (185#), 9 tuck V-ups

finished with ab stretch, runners stretch, calf smash

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