Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Box Jumps - Pull-ups

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

24 Hour Fitness

6:15 AM

Warm Up

4 laps around indoor track (~1 min/lap, need to confirm distance).  Samson stretches, Samson complexes, shoulder warm up


500m Row - 21 Box Jumps (16"?)
500m Row - 18 Box Jumps
500m Row - 15 Box Jumps
12 cal Row - 12 Box Jumps
9 cal Row - 9 Box Jumps
6 cal Row - 6 Box Jumps
3 cal Row - 3 Box Jumps

I didn't have much of a plan, but fell into a routine and debated between 3 rounds with 21 BJ every time or dropping the reps.  Overall, I had 115 cal row and it took me around 15 minutes


20 kipping pull-ups
16 kipping pull-ups
9 kipping pull-ups

With 1 lap between rounds.  I wanted pull-ups to be the focus of the workout, but was not sure where to do them.  The cable machine has 4 pull-up stations that are perfect.  I started each round with 2 and then singles.  After the first round, I realized I should have gone 21-15-9 and through in the extra rep

No mobility work


I need to bring a tape measure & tape to check the box heights and set up a wall ball target at 9 feet and 10 feet.  I noticed they also have dead balls and a tire that I may spend some time flipping.

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