Monday, August 22, 2016

Box Jumps

Saturday, August 20, 2016

24 Hour Fitness

7:55 AM

Warm Up (15 min)

4 laps around the track, foam rolling, banded shoulder stretches, bear crawl

Jump Rope (10 min)

Tabata singles/drills, Double under attempts.  I was managing between 3 and 14 unbroken

Handstand (15 min)

Wall walk-ups 4x1 every 30 seconds
Handstand holds against wall

Pull-ups (5 min)

Hang/Kip then 10 reps on climbing grips

Box Jumps (15 min)

21-15-9 to 18" box
6-4-2 to 24" box
1-1-1 to 30" box PR!!!

This was a huge mental win for me as it took me about 4 approaches just to decide to jump.  I don't know why this additional six inches represented such a mental block, but properly warmed up I felt pretty good about it.  I don't see workouts at 30 inches in my future anytime soon, but it is now fathomable that I could do a back tuck with the right combination of training and coaching.

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