Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sumo Dead Lift

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Coach Meriah

(11:00 AM) 7 of us including Val, Mike, Tim K, Tim P, Jeremy, Ravel and me

Warm Up

Run to the fence and back then dumbbell sequence

3 rounds of
5-10 push-ups
10 rows
10 jump land flat on feet
10 deadlift
10 hang squat clean into thruster
10 box step-ups

I used 10# dumbbells

On floor do tap and go scorpions, stretch forward left, right, center, and some downward dogs, up dogs.

Barbell warm-up

3 rounds of
5 Wide legged Good Mornings
5 Wide legged Back Squat
5 Sumo Dead Lift

Between rounds do hang from bar, then light kips, then bigger kips

I used a 45# bar.


Sumo Dead Lift
1x20 RM

I warmed up with 75#, then 95# and opted for 105# for the workout.  Most other guys used 135#-185#.


15min AMRAP
100m Run
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20")
7 Hanging leg raises

This was the fitness standards, Rx was a 24" box and Toes to Bar.

I felt pretty smooth through 3 rounds and then the burpees started to catch up with me.  I ended up doing 5 Rounds + 8 reps, and could not get to the bar in time for the last round of kipping leg raises.  My kips were much smoother than usual.

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