Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Olympic Weightlifting

Wednesday, June 28, 2016

Coach Jonathan

Fit@Oracle - (1:30 PM) - 5 of us including Donna, Fabby, Sameer, Jeff and me

Warm Up

Foam rolling, dynamic stretches including lunge into high kick, lunge into twist, walking quad stretches, side lunge swing to opposite side.

Tabata DB Swings

8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off - 20# DB swings.  I could have gone heavier, but 20# was a good warm up weight.  I was getting around 12 reps per round with good form


4 rounds E3O3M
7 DB Deadlift
7 DB Hang Power Clean
7 DB Push Press

I used 25# and then swapped up to 30# for the last 3 rounds.  The weight felt light until the push presses, then it got tougher.  I was finishing in around 60 seconds per round with good form.


Lacrosse ball into shoulders between spine and blade of scapula and then under scapula and then towards terres muscles.

With band stretch hamstring and then IT band.  Key is to keep leg straight.

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