Friday, June 24, 2016


Friday, June 24, 2016

Coach Ben

(11:00 AM) about 10 of us including Tim, Brandon, Val, Ashley, Tatum, John, and me

Warm Up

3 rounds of 150m Row and run to the grass and back.

Hip openers starting with runners lunge, pivoting forward/back and side/side, then with back knee floating elbow down and then torso opening, then twist and lower chest to ground.  Then rotations with knee folding over and reaching back.  We also extended front leg and did downward facing dogs.  Also did some cat/cow focusing on pelvic motion and then adding thoracic motion.


15min AMRAP of

50m Lunges
20 Push-ups
100m Run

I managed 2 full rounds and time was called when I was in the middle of the last 100m run.  This felt pretty good and I was really pleased with my lunge position (upright with hands behind head).

Back Squat

E3O3M 5x12 repetitions

I worked out with Tim and did 45#, 55#, 65#, 65# and 75#.  Tim got up to 105#.

Ben pointed out keeping pelvis neutral and mid-line stable.  When discussing low back barbell position, he feels it is less functional except for power lifters and football players.  High back position translates to more Olympic Weightlifting motions.

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