Monday, June 13, 2016


I love attending birthdays with my kids at the Apex Simms Street Center and may even try to get some of my friends to rent the pace at $95/hour a couple of times/month.

This time I didn't have much of a plan, but again found myself with a parent who had a gymnastics background.

After warming up with animal crawls and wrist stretches, I got to work on forward rolls, forward rolls to standing, hand stand holds against wall, free standing head stands, cartwheels attempts and pullover attempts.

I was pleasantly surprised the Carl Paoli's gymnastics comments paid off on the hand stand kick ups.  I set up my extended body length took a good lunge and pivoted up successfully several times and could hold it OK when I was fresh.  I even did a wall walk up to belly against wall.

The cartwheels were unfortunately much worse.  I have not done the foot/hand placement drills and the gymnastics adult stressed keeping the body in a plane and being smooth.  I was not successful.

I felt good about my rolls and head stand hold.  I am nowhere close to a pullover and could not tuck my feet well enough to even skin the cat.

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