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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Aspire Fitness

2:30 PM

Jump Rope - 8 minutes

1 minute rounds of singles, doubles were not going well

WOD warm-up - air squats, thrusters, treadmill run, shoulder warm-up


4-3 - unweighted
1 + 10#
1 + 25#
1 + 30# 
1 + 35#

Main Site WOD

21 DB thrusters
400m run
18 DB thrusters
400m run
15 DB thrusters
400m run

I used 20# DB and was very surprised at how tough it was.  I broke up the thrusters into set of 2-3 to get through the round and finished in 13:49.  It was kind of weird to do treadmill runs and I was fiddling with my pace quite a bit.

Finished with HSPU progression.  Feet on box (5-3-3-2 reps).  Then 3 handstand kick-ups and a wall squat

Right upper quad still felt tense.

1 hour total workout

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