Monday, July 25, 2016

Power Cleans

Monday, July 25, 2016

Oracle Gym

(11:55 AM)

Warm Up

20 minutes starting with 1000m row, foam rolling, 3 times 10 PVC Good Mornings, 10 PVC pass throughs, abbreviated Burgener warm up.



Power Cleans (75#)

Fitness for men was supposed to be 95#, but I dialed this down.  Even with the lighter weight, I still had to break down the sets.  I finished in 11:18, which did not seem fast, but it was a solid effort for me.

After cooling off, I did about 10 minutes of handstand stuff that went horribly.  I did another 10 minutes of beaded jump rope (backwards and forwards).  Backwards was not nearly as weird as I thought it would be and I could quickly string together 20 singles unbroken.  The beaded rope was also much easier to do the single-single-double drill with.

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