Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Olympic Weightlifting

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Coach Jonathon

(1:30 PM) Donna, Jen, Sameer, Jeff and me

Warm Up - Foam rolling

Hang Power Snatch

3x95# - failed miserably

Focus on hip extension and then getting under the bar


8 min AMRAP

6 DB Half Moons (25#, this was a little too heavy)
10 DB Swings (35#, this was right)

4 min rest

8 min AMRAP

10 DB/BB Pike Sit-ups (25# DB then 25# barbell)
10 Alternating DB Snatch (35# DB)

On the first AMRAP I managed 5 rounds + 15 reps.  The half moons were brutal.  I had a tough time maintaining a flat back and the DB Swings offered little in the form of rest.

On the second AMRAP I got 4 rounds.  The sit-ups were hard, but not as hard as I expected.  The DB snatches were really good and I was focusing on getting under the bar rather than straightening my arm.

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