Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fitness Challenge

This month the corporate fitness challenge is pull-ups, push-ups, wall sit, plank and 1 mile treadmill run. I did the challenge today and we chose to do it in the following order:

Push-ups: 26
Wall sit: 1:58
Pull-ups: 4
Plank: 1:26
1 Mile Treadmill Run: 8:22

I felt pretty good about the effort and will certainly take the time to retest at the end of the month. I think I could have pushed harder in a group setting.

I finished my workout with 10 minutes of double under practice and 3x10 scaled knees to bar.

I liked this workout better than the challenge in November which included pull-ups, 1x1 bench press, 1x1 squat, 1 mile run and crunches. That time I scored 7, 205#, 205#, 7:35 and 53 respectively. In that challenge you could make attempts at any time during the month and repeat as often as you cared to.

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