Friday, April 3, 2015

Crossfit Undeniable On Ramp Session 12

Ben, Kate and I were led by Coach Arik for the last workout of Fundamentals.  My abs were a little sore and I had a bit of a left knee thing from a run the previous night, but was otherwise in good shape.  We warmed up with a 500m row, shoulder sequence, walking lunges with twist towards forward foot and high skips.  Coach Arik was kind enough to quickly review the moves that I missed from Sessions 9 and 10 which were Turkish get-ups and squat presses.

Squat presses start with the PVC pipe overhead and the elbows pointed towards the floor in a wide grip.  Descend into the squat position and lower the bar behind you, keeping the elbows pointed down.  This is part of a progression to get to cleans, etc.

Turkish get-ups are very meticulous.  Start laying on your back, roll to the side and grab the kettle bell with both hands.  Extend the kettle bell with 1 hand and keep an eye on it the whole time.  Extend the opposite hand and then raise the adjacent knee at a right angle.  Sweep the opposite leg through the “plank” and get into a lunge position.  From here, complete the lunge with the kettle bell and reverse the motion to the floor for 1 repetition.

Our WOD would be a repeat of session 1.  This consisted of a 12 minute AMRAP of 100m row, 8 goblet squats (25# kb), 8 ring rows and 8 push-ups.  Last time I did 4 + 17.  This time in 12 minutes, I was able to get 6 + 12.  I was really proud of the progress I made over the past 4 weeks and look forward to starting a membership to attend 3X/week.

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