Monday, April 6, 2015

Clean/Push Press

April 6, 2015

Coach Zach

(8AM) Laura, Matt, Rafa and me


400m run, 8 Samson stretch, 10 box jumps (20”), 10 wall balls (14#, keep elbows in, lower into a full squat), 10 kb swing (35# kb)

Mobility exercise was couch stretch.  Get on the floor close the wall, have rear shin against wall with toes pointed up, bring front leg forward in a lunge position.  This really stretched my quads out.

Metcon:  7 rounds for time of 10 Power Clean (95/65#), 10 Push Presses (95/65#), Buy In – 800m run, Cash Out – 800m run.  We had done push presses during fundamentals, but power cleans were new.

Grip is called hook grip.  Have the web of your thumb on the bar and fold the thumb under the first two fingers.  This ensures a more solid grip.  Zach walked me through a progression, starting with a dip at the knees, arms straight, driving bar straight up to about chest level.  Then we added moving the elbows in an arc to the rack position.  Then we started with the bar above the knees lifting with shins at 90 degrees, butt back and core straight.  The bar will rub your thighs.  Finally we started at the floor.  Wrists will be rotated forward to start, arms are straight, butt back and core stable.  Lift slowly to above knees and then accelerate to finish the motion.  The bar will brush your thighs if done correctly.  The emphasis was on butt back and straight torso driving the bar up and then racking it.  

Instead of Rx, I did 5 rounds of 10 Power Cleans (55#), 10 Push Presses (55#), Buy In and Cash Out were the same.  My time was 17:28.

Finished with 10 push-ups and a tester pull-up.  Still felt pretty tight, but on my way to recovery.

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