Monday, April 20, 2015

Crossfit Back Squats

Monday, April 20, 2015

Coach Zach

(6AM) Mike, Ben, Whit, Karly, Kayla, T$$$, and me


Single under jump rope 50 with both feet, 50 on right foot, 50 on left foot, 50 alternating.  10 Samsons, 15 squats, 20 jumping lunges.  I struggled quite a bit with the 1 foot jump ropes and especially the left leg and alternating.  It is probably a combination of strength and coordination.

Mobility:  Couch Stretch, 2 minutes each leg


15 minute AMRAP of:  Buy in – 1 mile run, body weight back squat for reps.

Before starting we worked up the weight, starting with a clean from the floor, push press to pop the weight onto our back and then a full squat.  during the squat, feet should be wide apart, knees pushing out, ass low.

I started with the bar and then worked up to 75#, 95# and finally 115# (70# short of body weight).

The mile run felt pretty good as it was around 40 degrees this morning.  I finished in 8:08 and now had 6:52 to complete as many reps as possible.  I started off with 8, rested and did another 5 before dropping the bar.  That took all of a minute.  The next round, I did another 9 reps, taking brakes half way.  The next two rounds were fewer reps still and I was shooting for around 30 seconds rest before starting again.  After 33, I felt the left hammy starting to tighten so I stretched it out and gave myself 20 seconds for the last effort which ended up being 3 more reps, before letting the bar drop behind me.

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