Friday, April 3, 2015


April 3, 2015

Coach Zach

T Money, Lisa, Nick, Whit, Dalton and me

It finally happened that I showed up late (2 minutes).  I missed the 400m run and started the pass throughs while everybody else was working on Samson complexes.

10 Pass throughs
8 Samson complex - Start with hands interlocked palms facing out, lunge with right knee, lower right elbow to the top of the right foot, extend the right arm up, make sure left leg is extended; this is one repetition, repeat with the opposite knee forward

5000m Row for Time - Set up foot pads so toes could curl over pad.  Pivot straight torso between 1:00 and 11:00 on a clock during row.  You should still follow the legs, arms, arms, legs sequence, but pivoting the torso engages the glutes and hamstrings.  The chain should be kept steady as a swinging chain leads to inefficiencies.  Finally for a long row the cadence should be between 28-30 strokes/minute.  I was corrected a couple of times for bringing the seat too far forward and for pulling with my arms too soon.  My time was 24:15.7

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