Friday, April 3, 2015

Split Jerk

March 30, 2015

Coach Arik

T-money, Nick, Dalton, Whit and me

250 row EZ
250 row sprint
6X Sampson Stretch
8X Goblet Squat (25#)
8X Front Squat (45#)
8X Press (45#)
8X Push Press (45#)
8X Box Jumps (24”)
1st rib stretch with band (medium band, 2 minutes each shoulder)

Split Jerk – Start with legs below your shoulders, dip down, explode up, catching bar overhead with arms extended.  Feet should land wider (approximately squat width), in an expanded lunge, with toes pointing in.

While I worked with 45# bar, my cohorts 1 rep max was between 120# and 227#

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