Friday, April 10, 2015

Crossfit Rope Climb

Friday, April 10, 2015

Coach Arik

(6AM) Nick, Theresa, Pedro, Esther, Ben and me


200m run, 10 Samson stretch, 10 passthrough, 10 strict pull-ups (I did 2 + 8 jumping pull-ups), 7 KB swings (35#), 7 KB swings HEAVY (55#), 10 dips, Push-up pyramid (start with legs wide, bend down stretch hamstrings, walk hands forward do 5 push-ups, walk hands back; repeat with 4-3-2-1 push-ups), hamstring stretch with toes pointed out, straight and toes pointed in.


Banded Shoulder Stretch:  (1) With band on pull-up bar, grab band high, lower into lunge with arm straight up, (2) hook band under elbow, lean forward, keep elbow close to ear, (3) grab end of band, extend arm forward push chest down.  2 minutes each position, each arm


AMRAP 10 minutes of 1 legless rope climb, 2 deadlift (315#/185#), 3 muscle ups, 4 hand stand push-ups. 

For the legless rope climb the technique is to drive the same knee and arm at the same time.  Scaled effort includes 2 rope climbs with legs in which you bring your leg inside the rope and wrap it around and then hold it with your opposite foot against the first foot, then raise your arms up and repeat.  It is important to wear a long sock on your wrap leg for this effort.  A second scaled effort is to stand on the floor and pivot yourself to the ground (only shoulder blades should touch) and then hand over hand pull yourself back up (3 scaled = 1 Rx).  

Deadlifts:  Start with feet under shoulders, chest high, grab bar slightly wider than shoulder width, wrap thumb but do not tuck, knees back so you engage your hamstrings, raise and lower.

Muscle-ups:  Jump to grab rings, swing, and then get into ring dip position and push up.  Scaled effort was to start on the ground and grab rings at chest height, with draped hand position, lower with knees forward and chest back (now your palms are facing away from each other), raise up and get into dip position and do a ring dip.  6 scaled = 3 Rx.

Hand Stand Push-ups would be against the wall.  In the scaled effort, start with hands and feet on the ground and place toes on a 24” box.  Lower your head so that your hands and head make a triangle, press and pivot up so that your head pushes through your arms.  8 scaled = 4 Rx.

I started with leg rope climbs and actually made it to the top twice (PR! Ding! Ding!), I did deadlifts  at 135#, muscle-up progression and scaled hand stand push-ups.  On the second round, I started to go up the rope, but chickened out and did the 3 raise and lowers.  I did this on the third round as well, but only made it through the muscle-up progressions.

This was my first workout with the Reebok Nano 4.0’s.  I liked the shoes, but don’t notice a significant advantage over running shoes.  I am also happy with the 9.5 size.  I considered sizing down to a 9 for a more snug fit, but like having room for my toes.  I also made a point of leaving my rings at home.

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