Thursday, October 13, 2022

York Roundhead Haul

I was fortunate enough to bring in 1050# of York Roundheads to fill out my collection.  These are rarely offered on the front range and I had never seen the 100# offered.  The seller was helping to clear out some gym equipment for a family member.  I actually like the Dutch Auction style selected by the seller who did not want to break up the set.  He started at $3,000, then $2,100, $1,500, $1,300 and finally I got in at $1,200.  The next highest bidder would have been around $1,000 or $1/lb.

They are all USA stamped, which is less desirable as a collector, but perfect for me.  

Included are:
  • 40 Pair
  • 45 Single
  • 50 Single
  • 55 Single
  • 60 Single
  • 65 Single
  • 70 Single
  • 75 Single
  • 80 Single
  • 85 Single
  • 90 Single
  • 95 Single
  • 100 Pair
The seller was also kind enough to include the Para Body dumbbell rack.  I also inquired about a loading pin and a set of (8) 0.5# plates that he let me take for no cost.

Surprisingly, the only duplicate was that now I have an extra 40# York Roundhead.  I will also be selling my 40# Pro Style Dumbbells.

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