Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Pull-Ups - Tabata

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

CFG - Lacey

1200 - 6 of us


1:00 EZ Bike/Row
30 Single Unders
10/10 Single Arm Ring Rows
:30 Hollow Hold


1:00 MOD Bike/Row
30 Double Unders
15 Supinated Ring Rows
:30 Superman Hold


2 Bottom to Half Pull-Ups*
:05 Chin Over Bar Hold
2 Top to Half Pull-Ups
2 Strict Pull-Ups

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-
*Option to Use Band or Rings.
Week 3 of 5

This went really well.  I did the first two sets without assistance and then used a green band for the top half pull-ups and strict pull-ups.


8 ROUNDS EACH, :20 ON / :10 OFF
TABATA 1 - Bike/Row
TABATA 2 - Ring Rows
TABATA 3 - Double Unders
TABATA 4 - Bike/Row

-No Additional Rest b/t Tabatas-
(Score is Total Reps)

This was an interesting metcon.  I was getting around 5 calories each round on the Bike.  Ring Rows were a little easier than they should have been (8 each interval).  For double unders, I was aiming for 1-2 sets in the 20 second interval.

Tabata 1 - 41 cal
Tabata 2 - 64 ring rows
Tabata 3 - 100 DU
Tabata 4 - 41 cal 


TABATA (8 ROUNDS, :20 ON / :10 OFF)*
MVMT 1 - Sit-Ups
MVMT 2 - Hollow Rocks

*Alternate b/t Sit-Ups & Hollow Rocks.
(Score is Total Reps)

I did regular abmat sit-ups and did tuck rocks.  I managed 8 + 10 between the two movements each round for a total of 72 reps.

I got into a discussion with Lacey that I prefaced as what intensity level should I be looking at for Ring Rows.  We started talking about energy pathways and intensity extensively.  The answer was somewhere along sprint effort (hanging on another 10 seconds at that pace would not work) or last 1-2 reps at that intensity are difficult to complete.  In more general terms, 20 second effort is not a cruiser pace.  Balance that against 2 to 1 work to rest interval for 8 efforts is a long four minutes.

My takeaway is that I need to find the failure point occasionally.  For example on the bike erg, I should have tried to blast out 6 or 7 calories each round and if I fall apart in the later rounds, I learned something.  

I also have some homework to look into nasal breathing and cardiovascular training regiment at varying intensities 5x/week with bike erg, rower, ski erg, running, etc.

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